Vodka Brands List
Vodka Brands List

Here is the Vodka Brands List you need to know about. All of them are the most popular Vodka Brands today.

After spend countless nights in bars and nightclubs, you probably find out that Vodka could the most popular spirit.  As a Bartender, when you are bartending at the bar or you wanna come up some ideas about new cocktails, its definitely important to know the popular Vodka Brands. Not only because you should be prepared when costumers ask you to recommend, but also you can make better cocktails if you know the difference between those vodka brands.

Here are most popular Vodka Brands among the Bars in New York. Don’t worry if you can’t memorize all of them, because you will get familiar with those Vodka Brands while working in a real bar. While, even better if you can.

Absolute Grain SWEDEN
Belvadere Grain POLAND
Chopin Potato POLAND
Ciroc Grapes FRANCE
Effen Grain HOLLAND
Finlandia Grain FINLAND
42 Below Grain NEW ZEALAND
360 Vodka Grain USA
Grey Goose Grain FRANCE
Ketel One Grain HOLLAND
Idol Grapes FRANCE
Level One Grain SWEDEN
Pearl Grain CANADA
Rain Grain USA
Reyka Grain ICELAND
Roth Grapes USA
Skyy Grain USA
Stolichinaya Grain RUSSIA
Stoli Elit Grain RUSSIA
Smirnoff Grain USA/RUSSIA
Three Olives Grain ENGLAND
Teton Glacier Potato USA
Tito’s Handmade Vodka Grain USA
Ultimat Grain POLAND
Van Gogh Grain HOLLAND