Now,lets talk a little bit of vodka. Nowadays, Vodka might be the most commonly used spirit in cocktails and mixed drinks, such as the martini, Screwdriver, Greyhound, Black or White Russian, Bloody Mary, and Sex on the Beach. Especially in  nightclubs.

As we know, most of the good quality Vodka are from two countries: Russia and Poland. And this spirit is the national drink for both countries that have really long history of vodka distillation.

Scholars debate the beginnings of this drink.It is a contentious issue because very little historical material is available. Vodka originated in Eastern Europe. The first production was either in Poland in the 8th century or in the area of today’s Russia in the late 9th century according to different sources.(from Wikipedia)

Most Vodka today is made from fermented grain or potato mash, continuously distilled at a high proof, reduced with water afterwards( around 40% ABV/ 80 proof), and then bottled without aging.

Besides the traditional ones, there are flavored like: Cherry, Espresso, raspberry, orange, citrus, chocolate, root beer, rang tang, grape, bubble gum, vanilla, mango, pomegranate, watermelon.

FOR Some commonly used  brands, you can find in this page:

 Vodka Brands List